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2016 Summer Trend Men’s Neckerchief

Men’s 2016 Summer Trend:  The Neckerchief

What do you think about the 2016 Summer Neckerchiefing Trend, boys? As a female who is a tad boy crazy, I will go ahead & let you know that I was not digging this trend very much, but after giving it some further thought, I changed my mind.  Without further ado, here are my thoughts on how any man can rock this trend.

  • At the beach:  During the day, if you get too much sun, you may want to cover your head or shoulders.  Better yet, your lady may want to cover her head or shoulders.  Men are notorious for not carrying a bag to the beach.  I suppose a cooler is the more manly way to go, so tie the Neckerchief to your wrist or cooler while you are not wearing it.
  • As a Hobo Inspired Storage Pouch:  Once again…men are typically “too cool” to carry a bag, so when you’re on a boat, at a pool, on a beach etc., you can wear your neckerchief, & then, when it is time to secure your wallet, keys, etc., you can tie your neckerchief around your valuables and hand it off to your nearest lady friend to hold in her bag.  She will appreciate that she does not have to sort through the other 5 dude’s items that she is also holding when it comes time to retrieve yours.  At the very least, you can carry it Hobo style…but much more sophisticated, of course.  You get what I’m throwing down, Huckleberry?
  • Grocery shopping?  Only getting a couple items?  That’s right…goes back to the hobo inspired, Huckleberry Fin Trend.  Okay, it’s not a trend just yet, but maybe some of you bros are manly enough to start it here in the A.  Who’s to say?  I’d be excited to see it come to pass.  Men carrying a long stick w/ a neckerchief attached to the end…maybe a loaf of french bread sticking out of the top.  I kid; I kid.
  • Wear it as a summer scarf:  If you live in windy climate or are near water, then the cool night air can cause a chilly sensation against a sunburn.
  • To a music festival, Burning Man or the desert.  We all know the wind can kick up  A LOT of dust.  Why wear that $1 red or blue bandana from Wal-mart, when you can make a statement with a neckerchief that can double as a bandana/ dust storm mask.
  • Multipurposed into a tribe flag at a music festival.  Lose your friends at a music festival again?  Not a problem if you are wearing a Neckerchief.  Just walk up to a tribe leader with a giant pole, preferable with a stuffed Mario attached.  Ask him to tie your neckerchief around Mario, & then raise him high into the air.  (Insert favorite Armin Van Buuren Song here.)  Hopefully, your friends will spot you, & you will no longer be lost.
  • While doing yard work:  Yes, you can look sexy while mowing the lawn, so why not mow the line like the social elite.  (Who probably don’t mow their lawns at all.  So let me change that example to restoring an old boat.  Wipe your brow with a fancy neckerchief that you’ve multipurpose as a head scarf or a dust mask.  That’s right…you so fancy.
  • As a beach towel (as long as the neckerchief it not made of silk):  Guys for some reason HATE beach towels.  Maybe they just don’t like keeping up with stuff, so tie this around your cooler, & put this under your back & head to protect your body from touching the persons sweat who lounged on that beach chair before you, for goodness sake.
  • Injury prone?  Get nose bleeds often? Excessively sweaty?  Then wear a neckerchief…so you can stop your own bleeding & wipe up your own sweat.  Tie it to a random body part if you don’t want it around your neck.
  • Outdoor activities:  A neckerchief has multiple uses.  Just ask a Boy-scout.


My final thoughts:  The Neckerchief is a great addition to a mans wardrobe.  It’s a statement piece, and your lady can wear it if she gets cold turning you into an instant gentleman.  If you do decide to be bold and rock the Neckerchief trend or have more suggestions on how to wear it, then please let me know!  Pictures are nice, & I’d love to feature your picture wearing the trend.


Until next time!  Stay handsome, stud!


Caio XO