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Holiday Gifts for Men

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Holiday Gifts for Cooks

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Gift Guide for Dad’s

Best Dad Gift Guide EVER:

  • Daniel Wellington Wrist Watch:
    • Why?  Daniel Wellington is one of the top brands of luxury wrist watches.  It’s timeless, streamlined, classy, & it’s perfect for any minimalist businessman who doesn’t want nor need added distraction on his wrist.  A lot of men’s watches, today, are meant to be “statement pieces.”  “Manly jewelry,” if you will, but, at times, a flashy watch does become a distraction, so every man needs a great, classic watch.  A timeless watch (you know what I mean) should be considered “standard” for every mans wardrobe.

  • Cologne:
    • Why?  Because every man needs a signature scent.  These following selections were all listed in several men’s magazines…ahem…ahem…GQ, I did the research….for “best men’s fragrances for 2016.”  Enjoy.

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