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How to Rock a Basic T-shirt at Any Occasion

How to Rock a Basic Tank or V-Neck T-shirt at Any Occasion

  1.  The cut & quality of the top really does matter as to how well you will wear the item.  I’ve saved you some time by including links below to my favorite 3 brands (LA Made, Alternative Apparel, & Chaser).  I’ve hand picked several options of cuts that are sure to look great on virtually anyone.  Hence, why you will see a lot of V-neck shirts.  V-neck shirts create a V-Taper that flatters every body type…you heard me…a V-neck looks good on any body type.
  2. Accessories, accessories, accessories.  How you accessorize will all depend on the occasion.  If you are wearing a basic tank or T-shirt on a casual date, an outing with friends, or even going out on the town at night, be sure to wear some higher quality accessories.  Not the cheap stuff, okay?  Wear a nice watch, ring, earrings, necklace…you get my drift?  When you are wearing a crisp, white tank or V-neck T, your  paired with a skirt and gladiator sandals or jorts.  Going to church first? No problem, layer a cardigan over the tank and remove it when you leave church.  Packing for a trip or overnight stay suddenly got a million times easier.  I recommend EVERY ladies wardrobe contain at least 3 of each color of basic V neck T.