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2 Basic Wardrobe Pieces You Shouldn’t Live Without

Every…single…female’s wardrobe should contain basic colors of a well made tank & V-neck T-shirt.  Why?  Because they are the only 2 clothing items that are truly “universal & timeless. 

What makes them “Universal & Timeless”

  1. Plain & simple, they withstand all trends.  That is why they are considered “timeless.”  With the essential tank & V-neck T-shirt, you can rock any trend by changing out your shoes, bottoms, hats & jewelry.  This saves you from breaking the bank on trendy tops, season after season, thus leaving you with extra $ to invest in higher quality jewelry pieces, shoes & accessories. All of which helps transform your closet into a more sophisticated wardrobe.
  2. You can create different looks.  This provides you with multiple outfit options for several different occasions.  That is why they are considered “universal.”  Your airport shirt, sleeping shirt, daytime shirt, gym shirt, spray tan shirt…done, done, done, done & done.
  3. One extra perk that I’d like to point out, is that they make your life easier because you’ll have one less decision to make while getting dressed, thus saving you time.  It goes back to that whole “universal basic piece in a wardrobe,” jive.  Last minute event?  No problem.  Brunch, concert, date, overnight stay, working out, grocery store run…(You get my drift.  You’ll NEVER have another excuse for not looking put together.)

How to Pick the Perfect Tank or T-shirt for Your Wardrobe

The cut & quality of the material of your clothing really does matter as to how well you will wear the item. I’ve saved you some time by including links to my favorite 3 brands (LA Made, Alternative Apparel, & Chaser), below. I’ve hand picked several options of cuts that are sure to look great on virtually anyone. Hence, why you will see a lot of V-neck shirts. A V-neck shirt create a “V-Taper” that flatters every single body type.  You heard me.  A V-neck looks good on any body type.  Shop away, gorgeous!

I recommend buying a couple of V-necks in each basic color, & you may want to vary in size’s, too.  For example, I own the same LA Made shirt in gray, black & white in an XS & a S.  I wear the Small for errands or lounging & the XS if I want something with a more tailored fit.  So, 2 white, 2 black, 2 gray.  This way, your tops are always crisp & fresh, & you no longer can use the excuse, “I have nothing to wear.” (Well, at least to a casual event.)

What’s your favorite brand of tank or T-shirt?


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